Hot Now: White, Clean, Clear

Now more than ever, wall colors are tending toward total white or very light hues! This trend puts the focus back on the room’s main statement pieces: spectacular fireplaces, stunning artwork, or refreshing window views. Work through your home one room at a time, positioning your statement pieces within the natural light, allowing each piece the space it needs to shine!

The “decorating” habit is falling by the wayside, as spaces become increasingly less cluttered. Keep your favorite pieces of furniture, but lose the others, and allow the eyes to focus instead on the beauty of open spaces of hardwood and tile floors. The room grows larger as you de-clutter, giving you space to add those elements that actually compliment the energy of the space.

This is one of my personal favorites! Increasingly minimal window treatments are being utilized to keep the gorgeous outside view as your center of attention and main focus of the room. Clear glass tables that almost disappear are always a classy choice: showing off those gorgeous hardwood floors underneath, and make even the smallest room feel more spacious.