Old carpet: cash out, or swap out?

I so often hear sellers wanting to offer a “repair allowance” in lieu of fixing something.  They rationalize that the allowance will give the buyers sufficient money for the repair and “the buyers  can put in the color carpet they like.” This would make sense if purchasing a home was a Rational decision.  However, purchasing a home is NOT a rational decision, it is an Emotional Decision!

Buyers purchase the home that they can imagine “ their babies growing up in” and “their friends admiring” and “their family enjoying Thanksgiving dinners here.” When they look at your worn, dirty carpet, they can see none of these. The see instead a FIXER – which means “buy it cheap!”

Have you ever wondered why NEW homes sell for more than used homes? Have you ever wondered why “STAGED” homes sell for more than “unstaged” homes (even though the buyers know they don’t get to keep the staging).  The new-home smell and the luxury staging all speak to the EMOTIONS and therefore sell for top dollar!

So next time you’re thinking of offering a $2,000 carpet allowance and leaving the old carpet– re-think your numbers. You’re now selling a FIXER ($10,000+ loss) AND you’re giving a $2,000 carpet allowance. We offer home staging to all our clients, ensuring that you get top dollar for your home.